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  • Survey: 2011/12 National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) – Child
  • Starting Point: Child and Family Health Measures
  • Region: Nationwide
  • Topic: Health Status
  • Question: Difficulties with emotions, concentration, behavior or being able to get along with other people (details)
  • Sub Group: Family income level

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Tabular Data

Overall, do you think that child has difficulties in emotions, concentration, behavior, or being able to get along with other people? (details)
No difficultiesMinor difficultiesSevere/Definite difficultiesTotal %
0-99% FPL%
C.I.(73.2 - 77.0)(15.5 - 18.6)(6.7 - 8.9)
Pop. Est.8,938,4252,029,918933,084
100-199% FPL%79.415.05.6100.0
C.I.(77.7 - 81.1)(13.6 - 16.4)(4.7 - 6.5)
Pop. Est.10,746,2952,026,402759,100
200-399% FPL%81.513.94.6100.0
C.I.(80.3 - 82.7)(12.8 - 15.0)(3.9 - 5.2)
Pop. Est.13,573,3672,317,703758,967
400% FPL or above%84.511.83.8100.0
C.I.(83.3 - 85.6)(10.7 - 12.8)(3.1 - 4.4)
Pop. Est.12,730,1861,776,137566,036

C.I. = 95% Confidence Interval. Percentages are weighted to population characteristics.
n = Number of respondents (unweighted numerator).

DATA ALERT: Unknown values for family income was calculated using single imputation methods. The poverty level estimates and confidence intervals based on single imputed poverty will differ from those calculated using multiple imputations.

Data Graph

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The National Health Interview Survey was conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau under the direction of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Health Statistics. CAHMI is responsible for the analyses, interpretations, presentations and conclusions included on this site.

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