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Measures generate powerful data, which can be used to monitor health and well-being, identify assets and needs, assess and improve performance, build knowledge, evaluate programs, and justify funding across maternal and child health (MCH) programs at the local, state and national level. The US enjoys an impressive array of measurement resources and information pertinent to the assessment and improvement of maternal, child, and family health and well-being. However, health administrators and practitioners at all levels are still faced with a great deal of variation in access to usable data, often resulting in redundant efforts and non-comparable data across programs.

This portal includes many resources, including those emerging from the Maternal and Child Health Measurement Research Network project, coordinated by the CAHMI and funded by HRSA/MCHB. You can read quick summaries of the measure sets used by national programs, browse a dynamic, searchable compendium of measures, and learn how measures are developed, validated, and endorsed.

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Highlighted Data & Resources

About the MCH-Measurement Research Network
This one-page brief overviews the purpose, goals, and accomplishments of the Maternal and Child Health Measurement Research Network (MCH-MRN), and shares how you can get involved.

Starting-Point Strategic Agenda
This document provides information on the importance of a strategic agenda for MCH measurement research, and on research and findings to date. 

This document provides a brief overview of Technical Working Groups (TWGs) within the MCH-Measurement Research Network. It includes potential topics of TWGs, the benefits of participation, and the process for creating TWGs with CAHMI support.

Data In Action! MCH Measurement