Data Resource Center (DRC) Staff

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Staff members with stars (*) next to their names are the primary contacts for DRC technical assistance.

Main office email:

Christina Bethell, PhD, MPH, MBA
Director of the CAHMI
Scott Stumbo, MA
CAHMI Senior Research Associate

Naraa Gombojav, PhD
CAHMI Research Associate

Elsa Sweek *
CAHMI Research Assistant II

Eva Hawes, MPH *
CAHMI Research Associate

Kathie Cox, MS, MBI 
CAHMI Research Associate
Darika Batbayar 
CAHMI Research Assistant
Nicolia Eldred-Skemp, MPH
CAHMI Research Associate
Cambria Brown, MPH 
CAHMI Research Associate
Kavita Rajani
CAHMI Student Intern

Arena del Mar Morillo *
CAHMI DRC Research Assistant

Jess Hattig
CAHMI Student Intern

George Heckman
System Administrator 
LAN Service Group of Portland